‘Invisible threads are
the strongest ties.’

Friedrich Nietzsche


When Nietzsche wrote that ‘invisible threads are the strongest ties’, he could so easily have been describing the overarching philosophy behind establishing SalesandMedia.Com and our overall promise to help Find The Fit.

Quite simply, we believe that relationships are built and nurtured over time. And time takes, well, time!

Which is why all of our Principal Partners and Senior Consultants are experienced and why we rate sustained success above all other measures when we choose them.

Whether it’s a Night at the Opera or a Day at the Races, corporate sponsorship can often result in nothing more than a fun day out, for some. At SalesandMedia.Com, we believe that this is often due to concentrating too much on the event itself, and not enough on what it delivers and returns…what is the right fit for property ‘owners’ and potential sponsors.

Which is why we’re fussy about the kind of sponsor opportunities and assets we choose to represent and bring to market.

For asset and property owners, we tend to classify the opportunities into a number of key verticals, namely Retail & Leisure, Media, Sport, and Food & Wine. Each demands a different bespoke approach, which we offer.

For potential sponsors, we won’t start any conversation with a grab-all menu of available properties and assets, but rather by agreeing on the demographics and psychographics of the audience you want to reach and the impact you need to deliver. We consider and evaluate every sponsorship opportunity as realistically and simplistically another media expenditure, which needs to compete with and stack up alongside both traditional (e.g. television) and digital (e.g. social media) options.

So whilst we’re more than happy to talk to you about the merits of promoting or signing up for front-of-house or the backs of t-shirts, sponsoring fun runs, golf tournaments, cricket teams, AIDA or Swan Lake, we prefer to start with a FREE sponsorship audit that helps us (and you) choose the best partnership that suits your company’s brand, image, budget and essence.

All of which I guess makes us a little different.

Paul Gardner
Partner & CEO

Paul worked with Grey Group for 20 years, the last twelve as Chairman of Australia and New Zealand. Since 2011 he has run his own business, marketing and sponsorship consultancy working with clients across many industries (private, public and government) and geographies.

+61 (0) 414 541 852

Grieg Lythall
Partner & Director of Client Service

Grieg has been involved in media sales for virtually all of his career with roles including Melbourne Direct Sales Manager for Nine Entertainment, National Sports Sales Director for WIN NBN TV and Melbourne General Manger Sales for WIN NBN TV.

+61 (0) 418 538 111
Richie Gee
Partner & Director of Sales

Richie has over 25 years of experience across the media and sports landscape including: National Sales Manager, 3AW; Asia/Pacific Marketing & Sponsorship Manager at Australian Open Tennis and Head of Commercial Operations at Golf Australia, Basketball Australia and Cycling Australia.

+61 (0) 499 992 872


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